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Soil texture analysis: what kind of soil do you have?

Soil texture analysis

It is important to carry out a soil texture analysis for any garden that you want to plant in. This is because of the impact that different soil texture characteristics can have on your ability to grow certain plants. Soils breakdown into 3 groups – clays, loams and sands. But there are further subdivisions within […]

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Soil texture: digging deeper into the soil in your garden

Garden soil horizon

It’s hard to overstate how important it is for gardeners to understand the soil in their garden. The soil dictates the kind of plants that you can grow and has a huge bearing on how well your plants will grow once you have selected them. As indicated in our introduction to garden soil, perhaps the […]

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A short guide to garden soil

Garden soil in pile

For a gardener, the garden soil is probably the single most important thing in your garden. Everything good in the garden comes from the soil, so it’s important for gardeners, especially new gardeners, to understand their soil – we need to know the characteristics of the soil we have and we need to know how […]

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