Dahlia varieties: your complete guide to all types of dahlias


Classification of types of dahlias (or varieties) is a fluid subject. Botanists argue about the division of species and growers create increasing numbers of cultivars and varieties. Thus, the dahlia landscape is both complex and continually changing. Dahlia varieties grouped by flower characteristics Some order is imposed on this complexity by the arrangement of different …

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Dahlia Pinnata: a dahlia original

Dahlia Pinnata plant notes Family Dahlia pinnata is in the Asteraceae (or Daisy) family. Plant Type Tuberous, herbaceous perennial, with pinnate leaves, striking flowers. Soil Type Prefers moist but well drained soil. read more on soil type here → Aspect Plant in full sun. Eventual Size Varies according to cultivar. hardiness Tender, but may be …

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Growing trees from seed

At the beginning of Spring this year (2020) I was lucky enough to acquire a new greenhouse for my new garden. Of course, I have used it to grow all the usual things – tomatoes, herbs, vegetable seedlings and annuals for the garden beds – but I have also used it for a longer term …

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A selection of the best bamboo plants


There are many species of bamboo plants and many, many cultivars. Often the rarer species can be expensive and quite hard to find. In this post I’ve featured my own personal favourites, all of which are bamboo plants I have used in gardens over the years. So I can vouch for their garden-worthiness. However, it …

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