Heather as it should be

Calluna Vulgaris – Ling Heather flowering in July on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, #natureknowsbest


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We had a wonderful holiday in the Isle of Skye, in Scotland in 2019.

One of the interesting things that struck me from a horticultural perspective was the beauty of the heather – Calluna Vulgaris.

The truth is I have never much cared for heather as a garden plant. But, in its natural habitat, it was stunning.

I don’t think this means I’m about to start a heather garden. But it goes to show that so much of our appreciation of things is determined by context.

It also showed me that it is worth examining my horticultural prejudices from time to time, so that I don’t close my mind too tightly to certain plants and certain styles.

Heather on hillside - Isle of Skye
Heather on the Isle of Skye, Scotland
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