10 Fantastic gifts for gardening dads

Gardening gift ideas for dads

If my kids are looking for a gift for me, they’ll often turn to my gardening obsession as a source of inspiration.

They know very well that I’ll be delighted with a plant, a gardening tool, or some other gardening gadgetry or equipment.

So, drawing on a deep well of experience in asking for and receiving gardening gifts, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for gardening dads.

The fact is that these gifts would no doubt be welcomed by any gardener.

So, hopefully, they’ll provide some inspiration for anybody looking for a gift for the gardener in their life.

1. High-Quality Pruning Shears

Feclo pruning shears: gifts for gardening dads

What They Do and How They Work:
Pruning shears, also known as secateurs, are essential tools for any gardener. They are used for cutting branches, stems, and deadheading flowers. High-quality pruning shears have sharp, durable blades that make clean cuts, which are crucial for the health of the plants.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Sharp Blades: Stainless steel or carbon steel for longevity and ease of sharpening.
  • Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic handles to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Bypass Design: Bypass pruners are preferred for live plants as they make cleaner cuts.

Gardeners use pruning shears to trim plants, remove dead or diseased branches, and shape shrubs and trees. Regular pruning encourages healthy growth and improves the appearance of the garden.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
A pair of high-quality pruning shears is indispensable for any gardener. They will appreciate the ease of use and the positive impact on their plants’ health and appearance.


I use Felco number 2 secateurs and have done so for years. I would never use anything else.

Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner WITH Felco F-910 Leather Holster for Pruning Shears
  • 1 of Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner
  • 1 of Felco F-910 Leather Holster for Pruning Shears

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2. Gardening Gloves

Leather Work Gloves: gifts for gardening dads

What They Do and How They Work:
Gardening gloves protect hands from dirt, thorns, and rough surfaces while providing a better grip on tools and plants. They also prevent blisters and cuts.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Durability: Made from materials like leather or reinforced fabric.
  • Flexibility: Allows for dexterity while handling plants and tools.
  • Comfort: Breathable material to keep hands cool and dry.

Gloves are used for all types of gardening tasks, from planting and weeding to pruning and harvesting. They provide protection and comfort, making gardening more enjoyable.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
Gardening gloves are a practical gift that any gardener will use regularly. High-quality gloves enhance comfort and safety, making them a thoughtful present.


I like to use soft leather or cow-hide gardening gloves. They are tough enough to withstand most thorns and sharp twigs, but flexible enough for you to be able to really feel the tools and plants you are working with.

Here in the UK I buy the Gold Leaf Dry Touch Gloves from Harrod Horticulture.

These are similar for US buyers:

SAWANS Leather Working Gloves Work Gardening Gloves Thorn Proof Garden Heavy Duty Utility Men Women Construction
  • 🛡SAFE & COMFORTABLE – Well Built palm of the gloves and the panels on the upper side of hand offer extra protection and durability. The elastic adjusted wrist means that you cannot afraid of insect or pricky things during use and the soft touch grips gives added comfort.
  • 👷‍♂️FLEXIBLE FIT – Our gloves fit snug and comfortable. Use them in the garden spring/summer general glove for manual workers. Not slim fitting but relaxed. Used as a Cut resistant glove. The inside of the gloves are very soft, to prevent blister formation during long hours of work.
  • 👷‍♂️THORN AND SCRATCH PROOF – Thick and strong enough to handle the brambles, but with the better working feel. Great for general potting gripper and keeping your hands protected bugs other nastiness, but shouldn’t be used for removing things like stinging nettles and bramble.

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3. Garden Kneeler and Seat

garden kneeler

I’ll confess, I don’t have a kneeler and seat – yet. But I do use the kind of kneeler pictured above.

But as my bones are getting achier and my joints are creaking a bit more with each gardening season, these seat kneelers look more tempting all the time. The truth is that you don’t need mobility issues to find these useful. There is plenty to recommend them for any gardener

What It Does and How It Works:
A garden kneeler and seat is a versatile tool that provides a comfortable surface for kneeling and a sturdy seat for sitting. It often includes pockets for tools and folds for easy storage.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Sturdy Frame: Strong enough to support the gardener’s weight.
  • Cushioned Pad: Provides comfort when kneeling.
  • Portable: Lightweight and foldable for easy transport and storage.

Gardeners use kneelers and seats to reduce strain on their knees and back while working close to the ground. The pockets help keep tools within reach.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
This gift enhances comfort and reduces physical strain, allowing gardening fathers to enjoy their hobby for longer periods without discomfort.


This is a best seller with good padding, useful tool storage and easy foldability:

TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat Garden Bench Garden Stools Foldable Stool with Tool Bag Pouch EVA Foam Pad Outdoor Portable Kneeler Gardening Gifts for Women Men, Large 21.65″x10.62″x18.89″, Green
  • 【A MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KNEELER】It is not only a kneeler but also a seat, you can use it as a kneeler when weeding and also can use it as a seat when fishing.
  • 【TWO CONVENIENT TOOL BAGS】 One large tool bag has 4 pockets, and another small tool bag has 3 pockets, it is very convenient to keep your tools outdoor.And you can also take it down anytime, it’s easy to clean.
  • 【EASY TO STORE】With portable and foldable stool, light-weight, our kneeler is easy to storage, and it will not take up too much your space

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4. Compost Bin

wooden compost bins

This is what serious gardeners want – not just a bin but a composting system. Three bins in a row give you the ability to produce a production line of homemade compost for your garden, as you transfer the compost in various stages of decomposition from bin to bin.

Of course, the 3 bin system needs space, and if you don’t have much space, you can still get great compost from one bin – just less of it.

What It Does and How It Works:
A compost bin is used to recycle organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, which can be used to enrich garden soil. Composting involves the decomposition of kitchen scraps, leaves, grass clippings, and other organic materials.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Sturdy Construction: Weather-resistant materials to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Ventilation: Proper airflow to promote decomposition.
  • Ease of Use: Easy access for adding waste and removing compost.

Gardeners add organic waste to the compost bin and occasionally turn the contents to aerate them. Over time, the waste breaks down into compost, which is then added to garden beds to improve soil quality.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
A compost bin is environmentally friendly and practical. It helps reduce waste and provides gardeners with free, high-quality compost to enhance their garden soil.


I prefer the wooden slatted bins, as they allow air to circulate and are probably more sustainable than the plastic bins. But with that said, I must admit that do covet the hot bin composters, mainly because they can produce compost in double quick time.

Greenes Fence Cedar Wood Composter, 24″ W x 24″ L x 31″ H / 77.3 Gallons – Made in USA with North American Cedar
  • INCLUDED FREE WITH PURCHASE: Organic Gardening Expert Mike McGrath’s ‘Book of Garden Beds & Composting’
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: rustic untreated 11/16″- thick cedar boards simply lock into corner posts without tools for a durable, open-bottom frame.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED AND BUILT IN THE USA: cedar is harvested from managed forests. Chemical-free cedar is safe and earth-friendly.
  • MAX AIRFLOW: the open design provides airflow to help rotate waste regularly.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: composter is 2′ W x 2′ L x 31″ H. Boards are 3.5″ high. Spacers are 1 15/16″ high. Routed corner posts are 2.5″ square.

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5. Drip Irrigation Kit

drip irrigation of tomato plants

Irrigation kits are ideal when you live in a hot dry climate, when you want to ensure your plants get a regular routine of watering, or (with a timer system) when you are going away.

What It Does and How It Works:
A drip irrigation kit delivers water directly to the roots of plants through a network of tubes and emitters. This method conserves water and ensures that plants receive consistent moisture.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Durability: UV-resistant tubing and reliable emitters.
  • Ease of Installation: Simple setup with clear instructions.
  • Customizability: Adjustable emitters to control water flow.

Gardeners install the system in their garden, arranging the tubing around their plants. The system is connected to a water source and delivers water directly to the plants’ roots, minimizing evaporation and runoff.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
A drip irrigation kit saves time and water, making it an efficient and eco-friendly gift. Gardening fathers will appreciate the convenience and the positive impact on their plants.


The truth is that these drip irrigation kits are a bit ugly, but they do the job. I use one in my vegetable beds with a programmable timer when I go on holiday. I use a 4 port time because that allows me to connect other sprinkler systems and water other parts of the garden automatically too.

MIXC 230FT Drip Irrigation System,Quick Connector Garden Watering System Automatic Sprinkler System Kit for Lawn Raised Bed Greenhouse Plant Watering System with 1/4” Tubing,Drip Emitters,Connectors
  • ✔Comprehensive Drip Irrigation Kit:MIXC drip irrigation system, equipped with a versatile range of components, caters to all your garden watering needs.Includes essential parts such as 197ft 1/4” irrigation tube, 33ft 1/2” irrigation tube, 1/2‘’ Lock Barbed Tee connectors, drip emitter streams, vortex emitters, Blue Mist Nozzles, Quick connection tees, Faucet Connector, and more.
  • ✔Innovative Quick Connector Technology:Featuring a new quick connector design, our plug-and-play irrigation tube ensures a secure fit, preventing leaks and making installation a breeze.Takes only 10 minutes from setup to full operation, saving you time and effort.

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Orbit 24634 B-hyve XD 4-Port Smart Hose Watering Timer
  • The Brilliance of B-hyve Science comes to life in our first hybrid hos
  • Tap water management device! You have the flexibility to program
  • Remotely from the B-hyve mobile app, and the confidence to program on-device in a pinch
  • The Brilliance of B-hyve Science comes to life in our first hybrid hos

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6. Raised Garden Bed Kit

raised beds

I installed these raised beds recently and I love them. Using raised beds is easier and probably more efficient when it comes to growing vegetables in a small garden. I also grow flowers, like dahlias, in the raised beds too.

These came with the sides cut to size in a pre-treated wood and they were easy to put together with a drill and electric screwdriver.

What It Does and How It Works:
Raised garden beds are elevated soil beds contained by frames. They provide better drainage, reduce soil compaction, and can be easier to manage than traditional in-ground beds.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Durable Materials: Rot-resistant wood, metal, or composite materials.
  • Ease of Assembly: Pre-drilled holes and clear instructions.
  • Size and Height: Appropriate dimensions for the gardener’s needs and comfort.

Gardeners assemble the kit and fill it with soil and compost. They can then plant vegetables, herbs, or flowers in the raised bed. The elevated height reduces bending and kneeling.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
Raised garden beds enhance the gardening experience by improving soil conditions and accessibility. They are especially beneficial for older gardeners or those with mobility issues.


As you’ve seen, I like the classic wooden raised beds, but they are available in other materials, such as steel. You can also get raised beds that are much deeper. These can be quite decorative and make raised bed gardening easier for those with mobility issues.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Land Guard Galvanized Raised Garden Bed Kit, Galvanized Planter Garden Boxes Outdoor, Oval Large Metal for Vegetables…………
  • Each raised metal garden bed size: 4×2×1ft ,7.14Cu
  • Upgraded quality and structure: raised garden beds outdoor are made of Q195 galvanized metal sheet, double-layer anti-corrosion galvanizing and oval structure design, which is more beautiful, can withstand greater pressure at the interface, is not easy to loose, and the interface will not Deformed and can be reused for many years.
SaleBestseller No. 2
YITAHOME 68.5″x35.4″x23.6″ Raised Garden Bed Kit, Large Outdoor Galvanized Metal Patio Planter Box with 2 Gloves for Plants Vegetables Flowers
  • Ultra-Thick Double-Layer Design: Our raised garden bed kit features upper and lower sides that are reinforced with a double-layer frame to enhance overall durability and stability
  • Sturdy Structure: This galvanized raised garden bed combines vertical stripes with socket design to increase load-bearing capacity, resulting in better texture and visual appeal
SaleBestseller No. 3
FOYUEE Galvanized Raised Garden Beds for Vegetables Large Metal Planter Box Steel Kit Flower Herb, 8x4x1ft
  • ✔ SIZE: 96”(L) x 48”(W) x 12”(H), provide extra large growing space to raise vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants
  • ✔ LONG TIME: Made of stable thickened galvanized metal, strengthen crossbar with anti-rusty coating for long-time use
SaleBestseller No. 4
DTIG Galvanized Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables Flowers Herbs, Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit with Trellis, Plant Labels, Plant Ties, Brown 6×3×1FT 2PCS
  • Spacious Planting: Raised garden bed 6x3x1 FT can hold 18 CUFT / 135 gallons of soil. With ample room. Whether it’s vibrant vegetables fragrant herbs or beautiful flowers, you’ll have the room to cultivate your favorite plants
  • Built to Last: Authentic thick galvanized steel sheets. Unlike some others, we don’t present false measurements to you. Our high-quality galvanized raised garden bed are not only durable but also resistant to rust. The sturdy and long-lasting metal garden bed ensures your garden bed stands the test of time.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Best Choice Products 72x23x30in Raised Garden Bed, Elevated Wood Planter Box Stand for Backyard, Patio, Balcony w/Divider Panel, 6 Legs, 300lb Capacity – Natural
  • LARGE PLANTING SPACE: 8.4 cubic feet of space can support your choice of flowers, succulents, vegetables, and more
  • PROPER DRAINAGE: Six drainage holes help the roots aerate and allow excess water to escape, encouraging long-term growth while helping prevent rot or mineral build-up

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7. Soil Testing Kit

soil testing

What It Does and How It Works:
A soil testing kit allows gardeners to analyze their soil’s pH, nutrient levels, and other characteristics. This information helps them adjust soil conditions for optimal plant growth.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Accuracy: Reliable test results for pH and nutrient levels.
  • Comprehensive: Tests for multiple soil components.
  • Ease of Use: Clear instructions and easy-to-read results.

Gardeners collect soil samples from different areas of their garden and use the kit to test the samples. The results guide them in adding amendments to improve soil fertility and balance.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
Understanding soil conditions is crucial for successful gardening. A soil testing kit provides valuable insights that can lead to healthier, more productive plants.

MySoil – Soil Test Kit | Grow The Best Lawn & Garden | Complete & Accurate Nutrient and pH Analysis with Recommendations Tailored to Your Soil and Plant Needs
  • KNOW BEFORE YOU GROW | Grow the healthiest, sustainable lawn and garden with the most accurate and easy to use professional soil test kit on the market
  • ROOTED RESULTS | Unlike at home ph meters and test strips, our mail-in professional lab analysis measures 13 plant available nutrient levels including Nitrogen and pH
  • FOR ANY GROWING SCENARIO | Tests any soil type and gardening condition – lawn & turf, vegetable gardening, flowers, compost, trees, vines, ornamental landscape, house plants, soil-less media or hydroponics

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8. Garden Hand Tool Set

Gardening tools and plants

What It Does and How It Works:
A garden tool set typically includes essential tools such as trowels, weeders, transplanters, and hand forks. These tools are used for planting, weeding, and other gardening tasks.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Durability: Tools made from stainless steel or other high-quality materials.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic handles to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Comprehensive: Includes a variety of tools for different tasks.

Gardeners use these tools for digging, planting, weeding, and other activities. A well-equipped tool set can handle a wide range of gardening tasks.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
A garden tool set is a practical and versatile gift. It provides gardeners with the tools they need to maintain and improve their gardens.


Look for durability, good grips and tools that are well-balanced in the hand.

Aimerla Gardening Tools Set of 9 Heavy Duty Garden Tools with Non-Slip Rubber Grip with Large Garden Bag for Tools Durable Hand Tools for Gardening, Weeding,Gardening Gifts for Women,Men
  • SAY GOODBYE TO CHEAP UNRELIABLE CRAPPY TOOLS. IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THE ULTIMATE GARDENING TOOL SET! With Aimerla 9 pack garden tool set that has everything you need to achieve the perfect garden. Dubrale material allowed you to work in even hard, gravelly soil, Non-slip rubber grip ensures comfortable and secure handling for long periods of time. Don’t settle for less – order your 9 Pack gardening tool set now and take your gardening game to the next level!
  • ONE PIECE DIE-CAST ALUMINUM= LIGHTER,STRONGER: Our in-house foundry uses marine-grade aluminum alloy to create gardening tools that are anti-rust and wear-resistant of the absolute highest quality. These tools support you in fixing or overcoming any problems your garden faces,So go ahead, channel your inner green thumb and let our tools help you create the garden of your dreams!

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9. Birdhouse or Bird Feeder

Bullfinch : Pyrrhula , On A Bird Feeder

Since we’ve had a cat we no longer have a bird feeder. But in pre-cat days, I used to love looking out into the garden and seeing which birds had come to visit that day. Most days, you’ll get the birds that are typical for your area, but it can be quite thrilling when an unusual species drops in.

What It Does and How It Works:
Birdhouses and bird feeders attract birds to the garden, adding life and vibrancy. Birdhouses provide nesting sites, while feeders offer a reliable food source.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Sturdy Construction: Weather-resistant materials to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Removable parts for easy maintenance.
  • Attractiveness: Designs that complement the garden.

Gardeners install birdhouses or bird feeders in their gardens, ensuring they are placed in safe, accessible locations. Regular cleaning and refilling are necessary to maintain hygiene and attract birds.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
Birdhouses and feeders enhance the garden environment by attracting birds. The presence of birds can help with pest control and add a pleasant atmosphere.


These days, some feeders even come with built-in cameras so you can see close- up footage of your visitors when they feed.

Bird Feeder with Camera,AI Identify Birds Species,Smart Birds Camera with Solar Powered,Auto Record 1080P Birds Video in Backyard,Instant Notifications,Ideal Gifts for Family and Bird Lovers,Navy Blue
  • The 1080P Full HD Waterproof Outdoor Bird Feeder Camera offers a 360° No-Gap View, equipped with a 12MP HD Image Sensor and 36pcs IR LEDs for exceptional image quality. It provides up to 10m Night Vision and features a built-in Mic and Speaker for clear Two-Way Audio. Additionally, it supports TF Card storage up to 128G.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Observe avian feeding and social behavior in your yard remotely through the mobile app, enabling a global perspective. The integrated microphone and speaker facilitate auditory engagement with their vocalizations, fostering an enhanced level of intimacy.

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Of course there are plenty of more traditional feeders to consider too:

Hanizi Hanging Bird Feeder Squirrel Proof for Outdoor Wild Bird Seed, Brown
  • Hanizi Bird Feeder: We focus on researching and developing wild bird feeders, squirrel proof birds feeders for outside hanging. Lightweight build, durable metal rope, and a twist lock that deters squirrels.
  • Easy to Use: Open the lid, put the wild bird seeds, sunflower seeds for birds into the bird feeder, close the lid, and then hang the bird feeder under the eaves or in the garden.
  • Large Capacity: 8.5 x 7.9 x 7.3 inches. Made of durable, high quality plastic. The clear plastic make it easy to inspect bird seed levels. Hold up to 47 oz bird seeds. Large opening allows for easy refills and clean.

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10. Garden Journal

Garden Journal and Tools

To be honest, I have several garden journals, all waiting for me to complete them when I have the time. But if you have a more disciplined gardener than me in your life then a gardening journal is a great gift idea.

What It Does and How It Works:
A garden journal allows gardeners to record their activities, observations, and plans. It helps them track progress, remember successful practices, and plan future projects.

Qualities to Look For:

  • Durability: A sturdy cover to withstand outdoor use.
  • Ample Space: Plenty of pages for notes and observations.
  • Organization: Sections for different types of information, such as planting dates and weather conditions.

Gardeners use the journal to document their gardening activities, such as planting dates, weather patterns, and plant growth. It serves as a valuable reference for future gardening decisions.

Why It’s a Great Gift:
A garden journal helps gardeners stay organised and reflective about their work. It’s a personal and thoughtful gift that supports their passion.

My Gardening Journal: A Weekly Tracker and Logbook for Planning Your Garden
  • Paige Tate & Co. (Producer) – Simon, Sarah (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 192 Pages – 12/05/2023 (Publication Date) – Paige Tate & Co (Publisher)

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At least one of these ten gifts is bound to appeal to a gardening Dad. So, hopefully this post has helped with inspiration.

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