Dahlia Wizard of Oz: beautiful pink pompon dahlia

Dahlia Wizard of Oz

Dahlia Wizard of Oz is a pompon dahlia (read more about the different types of dahlias here), with a beautiful delicate pearly pink colouring.

As a pompon, it has a fairly small double flower head (2-3 inches across), in a round, or globular, shape and its petals (technically its ray florets) are tubular or rounded inwards (involute) for most of their length.

Dahlia Wizard of Oz is not one of the tallest dahlias, only reaching 60cm to 90cm (2 or 3 feet tall), but it has attractive green foliage and can produce many flowers heads. For that reason it is often grown for cutting.

Plant Notes: Wizard of Oz Dahlia

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Plant Type

Dahlias are tuberous herbaceous perennials.

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Soil Type

Moist well-drained loamy soil.

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Dahlias prefer full sun, but can cope with partial shade.

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Eventual Size

Height approx 80cm (2 feet 9 inches). Width approx 40 cm ( 1 foot 4 inches)

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Dahlias are tender plants. Foliage will be cut down by frost. Tubers may survive down to -5C (23F) if not waterlogged.

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Plant Calendar: Wizard of Oz Dahlia

Sow seeds: Feb, March, April

Plant Out: May, June

Flowers: July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov.

Garden Uses for Dahlia Wizard of Oz

Like all dahlias, Wizard of Oz will flower from mid-summer until cut down by the first frosts.

As well as being grown to produce cut flowers for the vase, the delicacy of the flower means that it can suit a mixed perennial border (grown in the middle) or a cottage or courtyard garden scheme.

You can also grow Dahlia Wizard of Oz in pots or containers, as long as they are large enough to be water retentive.

The subtle pink colour of Dahlia Wizard of Oz, means it will go well with other pink, yellow or peachy hued dahlias or contrast nicely with other perennial plants like thalictrums, or grasses like the Pheasant’s Tail grass (Anemanthele lessoniana).

Caring for Dahlia Wizard of Oz

Take care of Dahlia Wizard of Oz just as you would for any dahlia. Note in particular:

  • Dahlias prefer to be positioned full sun in moist, retentive, but well drained soil.
  • Plant out your Dahlia Wizard of Oz tubers or sprouts after the risk of frost has passed.
  • If you pinch out the growing tips of the main stems when they have two or three sets of leaves, you can create a bushier plant which will produce more blooms.
  • Keep the plant well-watered, but don’t let it get waterlogged for any prolonged period.
  • Feed with a well balanced fertiliser whilst its leaves and stems are developing, but switch to a regular phosphate rich fertiliser (e.g. tomato feed) to encourage flowering.
  • Remember to deadhead your flowers regularly to keep the plant flowering for as long as possible.
  • If you live in an area that suffers from hard frosts or prolonged waterlogging, lift and store the tubers over winter.

More on Growing Dahlias

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