Visit a dahlia farm near you: enjoy dahlias in their thousands

Dahlia Farm

For a dahlia fanatic like me, owning a dahlia farm would be an absolute dream.

Yes, our dahlias look fantastic in the borders, beds and containers in our gardens. But look at them ‘en masse’ in the images on this post – sheer poetry!

Dahlia farms typically offer fresh flowers (dahlias and other cut flowers) and dahlia tubers for sale.

Many of them also have other offerings, such as workshops and courses. These are usually related to dahlias and flower arrangement, but some farms offer other creative opportunities, for example photography courses.

Perhaps best of all, many dahlia farms are open for visits so that you can view the beautiful ranks of dahlias flowering in the summer months.

In this article, I’ve done my best to put together a list of dahlia farms across the the USA classified by state.

These are the places where you can discover some real dahlia treasures. What is more, if you can’t visit them in person, many have online offerings of dahlia plants and flowers.

If you have a favourite dahlia farm, or you are a grower and want me to feature your dahlia farm, please let me know in the comments below or via my contact page.

California Dahlia Farms

  • The Happy Dahlia Farm: Petaluma, CA. Specializes in over one hundred varieties of dahlias. During opening hours, they allow the public to explore and wander their dahlia field of 10,000 plants, completely free of charge and no reservations are necessary. Sells cut dahlia flowers in a build-your-own bouquet fashion at the farm stand
  • Kelley Flower Farm: Kelley Flower Farm in Modesto California offers cut flowers for all occasions. Also puts on workshops and weddings and has a focus on supplying dahlia tubers.
  • Santa Cruz Dahlias: Santa Cruz dahlias is operated by renowned dahlia hybridiser Kristine Albrecht. The farm does not sell tubers or flowers directly to the public and is not open for visits. But, I have featured it here because of the wonderful dahlia cultivar that Kristine has produced, such as KAs Cloud, KA’s Mocha Katie, and KA’s Champagne.

Colorado Dahlia Farms

  • Arrowhead Dahlias: Located in the town of Platteville, Colorado, 40 miles northeast of Denver. Arrowhead Dahlias is a small family owned, fresh cut flower farm specializing in dahlias. Offers dahlia tubers for sale.

Georgia Dahlia Farms

  • On the Hill Flower Farm: located in Bremen Georgia. small-scale cut flower garden growing dahlias and peonies for the cut flower market. Flowers are grown for direct-to-florist customers. Not open for public visits.
Dahlia Farm: farmer

Maine Dahlia Farms

  • Endless Summer Flower Farm: Located in Camden, Maine, specialises in dahlia cut flower sales to florists and weddings. Offers a superb variety of dahlia tubers, including dinnerplates, cactus dahlias, and pompons. Operates an open garden policy with visitors welcome.

Massachusetts Dahlia Farms

  • Brilliant Dahlia Flower Farm: located in Reheboth, MA. The farm grows over 80 different varieties of dahlias, along with peonies, David Austin roses, and many other perennials, herbs, annual flowers and flowering shrubs.
  • Five Fork Farms: In Blackstone River Valley in Upton, Massachusetts. Supplying cut flowers, dahlia tubers and shares in the dahlia production under a Community Supported Agriculture agreement. Growing over 100 dahlia varieties.

Michigan Dahlia Farms

  • Dahlia Acres Farm: a family farm located in Hudsonville, Michigan. Offers fresh cut dahlia flowers, ‘U-pick’ dahlias in the flowering season and dahlia tubers. Also host design workshops that allow groups to come to Dahlia Acres for flower arranging events.
  • Hudsonville Dahlia Farm: Located in Hudsonville, Michigan. Family run cut flower farm offering dahlias, wildflowers and dahlia tubers. Dahlias can be viewed in the field, appointments preferred.
  • Old House Gardens: Ann Arbor, Michigan. Offers a variety of dahlias, including heirloom varieties. Also sells other heirloom flower bulbs.
  • Summer Dreams Farm: Oxford, Michigan. Supplies fresh cut flowers and dahlia tubers. Not open to the public. No retail outlet.
  • Mack’s Creek Flower Farm: Standwood, Michigan. Supplies cut flowers and dahlia tubers and puts on events and flower arranging workshops. Flower stand at the farm for bouquets, as well as honey and maple syrup!
Dahlia Farm Field

Minnesota Dahlia Farms

  • Creekside Dahlias: Located in Ham Lake, MN. Family farm selling cut flowers for weddings, birthdays and special events. Offer dahlia tubers for sale online.  Tours available by appointment.

Missouri Dahlia Farms

  • Twisted Cedar Farm: A growing flower farm in west central Missouri, focusing on dahlias, garden roses, peonies, and other difficult to ship flowers.

New York Dahlia Farms

  • Bear Creek Farm: Stanfordville, NY. Supplies seasonal cut flowers and dahlia tubers. Also offers tours and workshops.
  • Peace of Heaven Flower Farm: A small family farm located in the Finger Lakes region, growing and selling cut flowers and dahlia tubers.

Oregon Dahlia Farms

  • Frey’s Dahlias: Located in Turner Oregon. Also sells cut flowers and dahlia tubers. Open for visits August to mid-October.
  • Swan Island Dahlias: Canby Oregon. Probably the largest dahlia farm operation of them all. Offers a huge variety of dahlias. Sells dahlia tubers, cut flowers, potted plants and gifts. Holds an annual dahlia festival with multiple events.
Dahlia Farm

Pennsylvania Dahlia Farms

  • Dahlia Gardens: Located in Oakdale PA. Offers dahlia cut flower bouquet subscriptions, Do-It-Yourself buckets of seasonal blooms and workshops.
  • Fivefork Farms: Offers a variety of dahlias. Also sells cut flowers and dahlia tubers.

Rhode Island Dahlia Farms

  • Dahlia Shed: The Dahlia Shed is located near Newport Rhode Island. It produces cut flowers for florists and dahlia tubers that are sold online. The farm is not open to the public, but there is a retail flower stand and hosted workshops are sometimes held.

Vermont Dahlia Farms

  • Fleur Farm: Located in Dorset, in the Green Mountains in Southern Vermont. Growing over 300 dahlia varieties cultivated for cutting purposes. Offer dahlia tubers and other tuberous perennials. Not open to visitors.

Virginia Dahlia Farms

  • Free Union Flower Farm: In Free Union, Virginia. Cut flowers, specializing in various spring blooms as well as dahlias.

Washington State Dahlia Farms

  • Lynch Creek Dahlias: Shelton, WA.  Ships holiday wreaths in the winter to all 50 states and locally sells dahlias in the spring and summer months.
  • The Dahlia Barn: North Bend, WA. Offers dahlias tubers, cut flowers and other perennials. Holds a fall flower festival and spring barn sales.
  • Micro Flower Farm: Vancouver WA. Micro Flower Farm was developed by Galena Berkompas, who transformed her small urban property into a vibrant, productive flower garden. As far as I can tell, farm visits are not available, but the farm sells tubers in season, as well as webinars and courses.

Wisconsin Dahlia Farms

  • Door County Dahlias: Door County Wisconsin. Offers a variety of cut flower dahlias, between mid-July and late October.

Wyoming Dahlia Farms

  • Kaelis Dahlias: In Worland Wyoming, offering dahlia tubers and cut flower bouquet subscriptions.
Cactus Dahlias

Note: The descriptions for each farm are based on the information provided on their websites. Some farms offer a wider variety of dahlias, while others may specialize in certain types. Some farms also sell dahlia tubers, gifts, workshops, cut flowers, and potted plants, while others may only offer one or two of these options.

I suggest you make direct enquiries of the individual farms by clicking through the links above in order to find out about current product lines and opening times.

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