The 10 best Thalictrums to grow in your garden

best Thalictrums to grow in your garden - Black Stockings

In this post we cover some of the best Thalictrums to grow in your garden, as well as running through the key points you need to know in order to help your Thalictrums thrive. Commonly known as the Meadow Rue, Thalictrums are herbaceous perennial plants and typically have fine blue-green or green foliage of various …

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Dahlia varieties: your complete guide to all types of dahlias


Images of the Different Dahlia Varieties If you are interested in growing dahlias, for your garden or for cut flowers, it is not always easy to understand all the different dahlia varieties that are available. This is not surprising since there are about 30 dahlias species and 20,000 different dahlia cultivars. This amount of variety …

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Dahlia pinnata: a dahlia original

single flowered dahlia

Dahlia pinnata plant notes Family Dahlia pinnata is in the Asteraceae (or Daisy) family. Plant Type Tuberous, herbaceous perennial, with pinnate leaves, striking flowers. Soil Type Prefers moist but well drained soil. read more on soil type here → Aspect Plant in full sun. Eventual Size Varies according to cultivar. Typically between 70 to 120 …

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All you need to know about dahlia tubers and dahlia bulbs

Dahlia tubers

What is a dahlia tuber? Let’s start by clarifying the slightly misleading headline to this post and, in the process, clear up some important questions about dahlia tubers and bulbs. First, there is no difference between what people commonly call dahlia tubers and dahlia bulbs. The important point here is that the weird potato-like structures …

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How to grow dahlias: the complete guide to raising beautiful dahlias

how to grow dahlias: red ball dahlia

Before we think about how to grow dahlias, we might ask ourselves why should we grow dahlias?’ In other words, do dahlias repay the attention that we are required to give to them? According to the late Christopher Lloyd, whose Great Dixter garden featured multiple dahlia cultivars, dahlias are best in in late summer, when …

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