Dahlia Islander: large, pink, loud, showy. What’s not to like?

Dahlia Islander

Dahlia Islander is a large, striking, heat tolerant dahlia featuring mid to dark pink flowers, with apricot tones. If you’re looking for a way to make a statement in your garden, consider introducing this showstopper into your collection. With its massive 8-10 inch flowers Dahlia Islander is sure to capture the attention of your visitors. …

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Dahlia Ivanetti: magnificent magenta ball dahlia

Dahlia Ivanetti

Dahlia Ivanetti is a beautiful dahlia featuring dark maroon or magenta flowers that brings a rich depth of colour to your garden. Ivanetti is a mini ball dahlia, which means it has round, tightly-packed petals in a spherical or slightly flattened shape. The ray florets are arranged spirally and are rounded at the tips. This …

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The best mulch for dahlias: a comprehensive guide

yellow dahlia - best mulch for dahlias

Mulching your dahlias is one of the best ways can keep your dahlias healthy and growing strongly throughout the summer. In truth, mulching benefits all plants in your garden but there are lots of different mulches that you can use. So, when choosing the best mulch for your dahlias, it’s essential to understand the purpose …

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