How to plant tulips: a complete tulip growing guide

tulips in garden

Tulips have long held a deep fascination for mankind. Originating in the mountains of central Asia, where Tibet meets Russia and China, they were first cultivated on a large scale by the the Ottomans, dominating the Sultans’ gardens and becoming an important motif in Ottoman culture (see Anna Pavord’s wonderful book ‘Tulip’ for the full …

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How to Grow Narcissus: Daffodil Plant Notes

narcissus: field of daffodils

Narcissus spp. Common name : Daffodil Family : Amaryllidaceae A bulbous soft wooded perennial with around 50 species and countless cultivars, the Narcissus is the archetypal spring flower in cool climate gardens. With a sheath of mid-green strap shaped or cylindrical leaves, these plants are most notable for their distinctive flowers. These have 6 flattened …

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