How to plant tulips: a complete tulip growing guide

how to plant tulips

It is well worth learning how to plant and grow tulips, because they are outstanding spring flowering plants that you can grow in garden beds, through lawns, in container, or even indoors. We generally plant tulips in Autumn/Fall, although later than other spring bulbs, such as daffodils. As Sarah Raven points out in the video …

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How to Grow Narcissus: Daffodil Plant Notes

narcissus: field of daffodils

Narcissus spp. Common name : Daffodil Family : Amaryllidaceae A bulbous soft wooded perennial with around 50 species and countless cultivars, the Narcissus, like the tulip, is the archetypal spring flower in cool climate gardens. With a sheath of mid-green strap shaped or cylindrical leaves, these plants are most notable for their distinctive flowers. These …

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