Growing Ageratum: A complete guide to beautiful blooms

A closeup shot of an Ageratum flower

Ageratum, commonly known as flossflower, is a charming and versatile half-hardy annual that brings a soft, fuzzy texture to gardens. It has clusters of small, button-like flowers in shades of blue, purple, pink, and white and offers a useful contrast to many other garden plants. Growing Ageratum is straightforward. It is a low-maintenance plant that …

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Growing Nasturtiums: from seed to beautiful flowers

Growing Nasturtiums

Nasturtium are tremendous all-round plants for the garden. They can be perennials or  annuals, climbing or border plants and also do well in containers. What is more, both leaves and flowers are edible, and can add a peppery, rocket-like taste in salads.  Nasturtium are in the genus Tropaeolum and native to the warm climates of …

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