Starting a new garden by the sea

New garden by the sea

After over 10 years living in Australia, we came back to live in the UK in 2018. I never really got to grips with gardening in Australia. I tried – I worked quite hard on a couple of gardens we had – but somehow it never felt like gardening as I knew it. When we …

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Suburban garden makeover: Part 5 – the vegetable garden

The productive garden I’ve featured the development of the fruit and vegetable garden separately, as the images seem to work better that way. But this part of the garden was developed at the same time as the rest of the garden. I was luckily enough to be able to include a Gabriel Ash greenhouse and …

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Suburban garden makeover: Part 2 – the garden layout

In progress: the garden design and its execution There were several design ideas at work when I was planning this garden layout: I wanted to develop separate spaces in the garden, each with its own identity; I wanted to incorporate two planting styles in particular that interested me. Firstly, the big leaved, tropical/exotic look and …

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