Benefits of gardening for mental health and well-being: the scientific proof

mental health benefits of gardening

In this post, I’m covering two important studies that reveal some truly powerful benefits of gardening for our mental health and physical well-being. For experienced gardeners, this is the scientific evidence to prove what you’ve known about gardening all along. New and future gardeners – when you read this, you’ll have even more reason to …

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The top 15 best gardening books for beginners

best gardening books for beginners

Are these the 15 best gardening books for beginners only? I’ve called this post 15 of the best gardening books for beginners. But really, these are just 15 great gardening books – among the best gardening books I know. It is a selection of top gardening books for beginners, because it covers the range of …

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How do plants grow? Photosynthesis and the parts of plants

plants in border

This post answers the critical question: how do plants grow? We also cover the different parts of plants. We explain how those parts contribute to plant growth and why all of this matters to the gardener. For most people gardening is about plants. Admittedly, features like paths, walls, fences and decks play part in creating …

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