Weeding answers: 17 key garden weeding queries solved

Weeds - white dandelion

Weeding is a job that is traditionally considered to be one of those that gardeners like least. And, the truth is, if weeds have really taken over your garden, then getting rid of them will be a tough job. However, weeding your garden beds is also one of the most satisfying jobs you can do …

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Removing weeds: the complete guide

Organic weed removal principles As we’ve covered in the other parts of this series, weeds are super-plants that have found ways to dominate their environment and continue their presence in it over time. Thus, weeds develop roots systems that are hard to eradicate and from which new plants can spring up, they grow and set …

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How weeds grow and thrive in our gardens

weeds thrive

In this post in this series on weed control, I cover not just how weeds grow, but how they survive and thrive in the battleground of our gardens. Ultimately, I’ll look in detail at some of the ways we can prevent weeds from causing us problems and at how we can deal with problem weeds …

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What are weeds?

woman weeding

What are weeds and why should gardeners care about them? It is said that gardening is all about the gardener’s efforts to control nature and controlling weeds must be one of the hardest tasks that the gardener has to do. Weeding and weeds can especially be a challenge when you are new to gardening because …

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