Tropical garden style and the harmony with modern architecture

Tropical garden

Tropical gardens have long captivated garden enthusiasts and homeowners alike with their lush greenery, vibrant colours, and exotic allure. When designed thoughtfully, these gardens can complement modern architecture beautifully, creating a stunning juxtaposition of natural and man-made beauty. I saw this combination very often when I lived in Sydney, Australia. There, older homes are frequently …

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12 Stunning modern knot garden designs

Modern Knot garden by AI

In this post, we look at knot gardens and use the capability of AI to imagine how these ancient garden forms could be brought up to date. In particular, and with an eye on the changing climate, we have looked at how modern knot gardens might look in dry environments, using succulent and other water-wise …

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4 stunning and inspirational perennial garden designs

perennial garden design

The images in this post were created by AI. I asked the AI image creator to imagine some ideas for perennial garden designs. As with a previous post on modern perennial garden designs, I asked for some designs inspired by Piet Oudolf, the Dutch designer famed for his naturalistic planting style. This style accentuates organic, …

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Modern perennial garden design inspiration

modern perennial planting

As gardeners, we love visiting and viewing other gardens and we spend many hours dreaming about and visualing what our perfect gardens might look like. Or, at least I do. Below are some of the gardens I have been dreaming up with the help of AI. The theme is is the modern perennial garden, inspired …

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