How far apart to plant tomatoes

how far a part to plant tomatoes

How far apart to plant tomatoes in your garden depends on the type of tomatoes you are growing and, to some extent, on how much space you have. A good guide for the typical home garden is as follows: Indeterminate (cordon or vine) tomatoes should be spaced around 15 to 18 inches (38 to 45 …

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How to Grow Zucchini: Your Guide to Growing this Summer Squash

how to grow zucchini

Learning how to grow zucchini is pretty straightforward. In fact these were one of the first plants I grew when I first had a vegetable garden, so they can definitely be a good crop for beginner gardeners. Zucchini, also known as courgette, is a summer squash of the Cucurbitaceae family. The Latin name is cucurbita …

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Pinching out tomato plants -pruning side shoots

pinching out tomato plants

The video below is all about pruning or pinching out tomato plants, in particular pinching out the side shoots of tomato plants. If you want to know how to prune tomato plants, this is basically what you need to know. In the video: Transcript: How to pinch out tomato plants This is a short video …

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Pricking out Tomato Seedlings

pricking out tomato seedlings

In the video below, I show you how to prick out tomato seedlings. Pricking out is the process of transplanting the tomato seedlings from their original seed tray into a pot so that they can grown on. Normally, they would then be grown on in the pot for a few weeks before the tomato plants …

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