How to grow dahlias: the complete guide to raising beautiful dahlias

how to grow dahlias: red ball dahlia

Before we think about how to grow dahlias, we might ask ourselves why should we grow dahlias?’ In other words, do dahlias repay the attention that we are required to give to them? According to the late Christopher Lloyd, whose Great Dixter garden featured multiple dahlia cultivars, dahlias are best in in late summer, when …

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How to deadhead dahlias: the trick to deadheading dahlias correctly

Dahlias Step by Step

What is deadheading and why should you deadhead dahlias? Taking care of dahlias involves the usual necessities of feeding, watering and mulching. But another question you may ask yourself is do you deadhead dahlias as well? The answer to that question is am emphatic yes! To get prolonged and repeat flowing, you definitely need to …

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