How to overwinter dahlia plants and tubers

how to overwinter dahlia plants

One of the great advantages of dahlias is that if you keep deadheading them, they will continue to flower right into the fall/autumn. However, dahlias are only borderline hardy which means that the flowers and foliage will be cut back by the first frosts.  So, at this point in the year you have to decide …

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Dahlia Wizard of Oz: beautiful pink pompon dahlia

dahlia wizard of Oz

Dahlia Wizard of Oz is a pompon dahlia (read more about the different types of dahlias here), with a beautiful delicate pearly pink colouring. As a pompon, it has a fairly small double flower head (2-3 inches across), in a round, or globular, shape and its petals (technically its ray florets) are tubular or rounded …

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Dahlias in my garden

It is that wonderful time of year when the dahlias are really getting into their stride. And, if we keep up with the deadheading, we can have their company until late into the autumn – unless of course they get battered down by storms, like some have this week. I have to be honest when …

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Dahlia varieties: your complete guide to all types of dahlias


Images of the Different Dahlia Varieties If you are interested in growing dahlias, for your garden or for cut flowers, it is not always easy to understand all the different dahlia varieties that are available. This is not surprising since there are about 30 dahlias species and 20,000 different dahlia cultivars. This amount of variety …

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Dahlia pinnata: a dahlia original

single flowered dahlia

Dahlia pinnata plant notes Family Dahlia pinnata is in the Asteraceae (or Daisy) family. Plant Type Tuberous, herbaceous perennial, with pinnate leaves, striking flowers. Soil Type Prefers moist but well drained soil. read more on soil type here → Aspect Plant in full sun. Eventual Size Varies according to cultivar. Typically between 70 to 120 …

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