How to stop or pinch dahlias for bushier plants and more flowers

stopping or topping dahlias

Stopping/topping dahlias, as well as disbudding and deadheading are all techniques that enable us to get the best out of our dahlia plants. They each have a slightly different purpose but all are ways in which we can influence the production of flowers by the dahlia plant. Here we focus on stopping or topping. Stopping, …

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Dahlia spacing: how far apart to plant dahlia tubers

dahlia spacing

Once you have decided when to plant out your dahlia tubers, you’ll need to think about your dahlia spacing – how far apart to plant the tubers. In this post, we’ll look at that question. As with most things in gardening, how you space your dahlias will depend on your own particular circumstances. In particular, …

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Dahlia gall: identify and prevent leafy gall and crown gall in dahlias

Yellow dahlia: dahlia gall

What is Dahlia Gall? Dahlia Gall disease is a bacterial disease that affects the stems and roots of Dahlia plants. Technically, there are two types of gall that affect dahlias: crown gall and leafy gall. Crown gall is a dahlia tuber disease caused by the bacterium Rhizobium radiobacter (also known as Agrobacterium tumefaciens). Leafy gall …

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When to plant dahlia tubers: solving the dahlia grower’s dilemma

dahlia tubers: when to plant out dahlia tubers

Best time for planting out dahlia tubers “When should I plant out dahlia tubers?” That is the eternal dilemma of the dahlia grower in Spring. The answer to this question will ultimately be determined by the climate and conditions where you are. The critical point to remember is that dahlias cannot really take any frost. …

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