Small spaces, big impact: Master the art of growing dahlias in pots

dahlias in pots

Growing dahlias in pots and containers can be a truly rewarding experience, allowing you to enjoy these stunning blooms even if you’re short on space. The key to success lies in understanding your dahlias’ needs and replicating as close as possible the conditions they’d enjoy in the garden. It’s not just about aesthetic appeal; dahlias …

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Discover 10 of the best red dahlias for your garden

red dahlias in border

As regular readers know, we love dahlias here at Gardening Step by Step. And that is because their vivid colours and varied shapes mean that dahlias offer tremendous rewards to gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike. However, choosing the right dahlia variety can be a challenge, given the extensive range of dahlias available. But one approach …

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How to stop or pinch dahlias for bushier plants and more flowers

stopping or topping dahlias

Stopping/topping dahlias, as well as disbudding and deadheading are all techniques that enable us to get the best out of our dahlia plants. They each have a slightly different purpose but all are ways in which we can influence the production of flowers by the dahlia plant. Here we focus on stopping or topping. Stopping, …

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Dahlia spacing: how far apart to plant dahlia tubers

dahlia spacing

Once you have decided when to plant out your dahlia tubers, you’ll need to think about your dahlia spacing – how far apart to plant the tubers. In this post, we’ll look at that question. As with most things in gardening, how you space your dahlias will depend on your own particular circumstances. In particular, …

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