The best lawn edger: here is what to look for

best lawn edger

Buying the best lawn edger tool you can find could be a great decision, because if there is one single thing you can do to make your garden look sharp – it’s tidying up the edges of your lawn and garden beds.

Even if your perennials need staking, your hedges need a trim or your lawn is looking patchy, you can lift the whole garden picture by getting your edges looking good.

And of course the quickest way to do this is with a quality lawn edging tool.

But how do you know which kind of lawn edger to choose? Read on to get some lawn edger ideas and guidance.

Best Lawn Edger Recommendations

Looking for some quick lawn edger recommendations? The full details are here. But below we highlight what are probably the best choices of gas-powered, corded electric and cordless lawn edgers, taking account of features, power and value for money,

Craftsman 25A-55BY793 E450 4-Cycle Gas Edger with 140cc Briggs & Stratton Engine, Liberty Red
WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
Greenworks 40V 8″ Brushless Edger, Battery and Charger Not Included
Craftsman 25A-55BY793 E450 4-Cycle Gas Edger with 140cc Briggs & Stratton Engine, Liberty Red
WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5" Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
Greenworks 40V 8" Brushless Edger, Battery and Charger Not Included
Craftsman 25A-55BY793 E450 4-Cycle Gas Edger with 140cc Briggs & Stratton Engine, Liberty Red
Craftsman 25A-55BY793 E450 4-Cycle Gas Edger with 140cc Briggs & Stratton Engine, Liberty Red
WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5" Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
Greenworks 40V 8″ Brushless Edger, Battery and Charger Not Included
Greenworks 40V 8" Brushless Edger, Battery and Charger Not Included

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The essential questions for the lawn edger buyer

Whenever you are thinking about buying a piece of outdoor power equipment, the sheer number of choices and price points can become overwhelming.

If you are ready to buy a lawn edger for your home, but you are unsure of what type will suit you best, the following questions will help you decide which type of lawn edger will be best for your needs.

1. How big is your yard or garden?

Perhaps the most important consideration to take into account when looking for a new lawn edger is the size of your property. Typically, edgers are used along paths/sidewalks, driveways and around the perimeters of flower beds and gardens.

If your property features lots of areas which need to be edged regularly, you will probably want to spend more money for a larger, more powerful machine that will take more of the effort out of the job for you.

If you have minimal edging to do, you may be better off purchasing a smaller hand tool lawn edger, rather than a powered one.

2. How much time do you have?

Edging your lawn takes time, especially if you have a lot of edging. If you had an infinite amount of time available to complete your edging work, you would probably do just fine with a manual edger. But, if you are like most people, you wish to spend as little time on the least interesting and creative yard jobs as possible.

If you have time to spare, you should be able to get by with an edger featuring a smaller blade and less overall power. If you need to make every second count, you will be better served by a more advanced edging machine.

3. Gas or electric?

Lawn edgers are available in gas or electrically-powered models. If you require power and speed, you should probably opt for a gas-powered unit.

If you have a smaller yard with less edging to do, you should probably choose an electric unit.

Keep in mind also that gas-powered edgers are loud and potentially damaging to the environment. However, corded electrically-powered edgers, though they are quieter and more environmentally friendly, must be operated within range of a working power outlet.

An alternative is a cordless lawn edger. These give you the flexibility of a gas powered machine without a lot of the complications, although typically they are not as powerful.

4. How much can you afford?

The least expensive electrically-powered lawn edgers can be purchased for less than $100.

The most expensive, gas-powered edgers can cost more than ten times as much. It is important to establish a budget for your power equipment so you can prioritize your money.

5. Three or four wheels?

If you opt for a more powerful, gas edger, you need to decide whether you want a machine with three or four wheels.

On both types of edgers, the rear wheels are used for rolling the unit, while a guide wheel keeps the blade in line. Four-wheeled edgers offer greater flexibility in the form of a curb wheel (or kerb wheel, for the Brits out there) that can be extended to street level for greater balance and stability when edging along a fixed curb (kerb).

6. Two or four cycle engine?

If you plan to purchase an electrically-powered edger, you need not concern yourself with this point.

Gas machines can be purchased with two or four cycle engines. Two cycle engines are more common, but they require you to mix gas and oil. They are also the least friendly to the environment. Four cycle engines run more cleanly, but they are heavier and more expensive.

7. Are angled blades necessary?

Most edgers use a blade that spins perpendicular to the ground. In most cases, this is sufficient for typical edging jobs.

More advanced edgers feature blades which can be angled for a different finish. Under most circumstances, straight blades are sufficient, but angled blades offer more flexibility and can give you a nice angled finish, which especially looks good around flower beds.

Different types of lawn edger tools

Finding the ideal lawn edger requires you to choose from among a few different types of machines. These machines all do the basic job of edging, but they differ in terms of how they approach the job. In order to decide which type will suit you best, you should carefully consider the points above as well as the nature of your neighbourhood.

The most basic type of lawn edger is the manual half-moon edging tool. Working with one of these requires painstaking effort and a true commitment to a great looking lawn. I suppose that in a way, these are for the gardening purists. And I have to admit that I find edging by hand quite an absorbing job – as long as I have plenty of time to do it in.

Next up are edger attachments for garden trimmers. Many gas-powered and electric string trimmers can be used for basic edging, but some offer you the ability to attach edging implements where the string trimmer head is located. Other trimmers allow you to rotate the head so that it is perpendicular to the ground, thus becoming a basic edger.

Straight shaft gas lawn edger: Echo PE225

There are even some straight shaft lawn edgers available, such as the Echo PE225 (pictured), which are very similar in design to a string trimmer, but with an edging blade and guide wheel at the business end instead of a cutting line.

Dedicated, electrically-powered edgers come in corded or cordless varieties. Cordless models can be less powerful, but they are extremely portable and easy to use. Corded models are quiet and convenient, but they must be operated within reach of an electrical outlet.

Gasoline-powered lawn edgers are the most powerful, and the most popular. These machines are capable of edging the largest properties and they are very portable, assuming you are strong enough to lift one of them. On the downside, they can be unfriendly to the environment because of noise and fuel fumes. Also, gas engines require more maintenance than electric motors.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on gas-powered and electrically-powered lawn edgers.

Gas-powered lawn edgers

Size and power of gas-powered lawn edgers

Edging machines that run on gasoline are the most powerful available. They generally use engines rated for power in terms of cubic centimeters, or ccs.

The smallest machines of this type use two cycle engines rated from about 20 to 50 ccs. Larger, more cleanly running edgers use four cycle engines rated anywhere from about 130 to 160 ccs.

Some of the larger edgers can be heavy, but they are usually not too big to lift into the back of a truck.

Features to look out for in gas-powered lawn edgers

If you can’t stand having to mix oil and gas, plus you are concerned about the environment, you might want to consider a machine with a four cycle engine. These machines run much more cleanly than their two cycle counterparts.

Another consideration is the presence of a fourth wheel. The extra wheel helps with stability and it allows you to edge curb areas more effectively.

Best uses for gas-powered lawn edgers

These machines are best for larger yards with numerous areas requiring frequent edging. They are not well-suited to quiet neighborhoods since gas engines can be noisy. However, if you live in an appropriate area and you have a lot of edging to do on a regular basis, a gas-powered lawn edger is the tool you need.

Electric lawn edgers – corded and cordless

Size and power of electric lawn edgers

Electric edgers fall into two categories – corded and cordless.

Electric lawn edger: Black and Decker LE750

Both types are relatively small and lightweight. Corded units feature electric motors rated for power in terms of amps, with 10 to 12 amps being typical.

The power of cordless units is measured in volts. Battery sizes are constantly being upgraded by the manufacturers. 24 to 48 volt batteries are typical now.

Features to look out for in electric lawn edgers

Even though you may only use this type of machine sparingly, you should opt for one that features a strong blade. If you are thinking about getting a corded unit, you should try to find one that keeps the extension cord from becoming tangled and cumbersome.

If you opt for a cordless unit, you should choose one with a Lithium Ion battery (which virtually all modern edgers have), as these give you more consistent fade-free power with no memory loss after charging.

Since they generally lack the power of gas edgers, electric machines can take longer to edge areas that have been left for some time.

However, once you have your edges under control, then electric models are usually quick and effective options for most domestic situations.

Best uses for electric lawn edgers

These machines are best suited for smaller yards in more densely populated communities. Since corded models must be used within 100 feet of an electrical outlet, they are most useful on jobs requiring a minimum of edging.

Since cordless machines run on battery power, they can only run for as long as the battery holds a charge. This limits them to usage for smaller jobs than gas powered units. But these days cordless edgers can handle most typical domestic yards/gardens.

The best way to run a cordless edger is with two batteries, so that you can have a spare always on charge. Some cordless units come with two batteries, or you can buy an extra one to give yourself greater flexibility.


Amazon best sellers

The lawn edgers below are current Amazon best sellers. So these are worth considering given that the best sellers are almost exclusively those that have received a high number of good customer reviews.

Best selling gas powered lawn edgers

For quality and value it’s hard to look past the McLane lawn edgers, especially if you have lots of edging to do. These machines take the hard work out of the job and remove the safety risks associated with using string trimmers for edging.

McLane edgers feature heavy duty steel frames with dual cutterhead bearings for smooth cutting. They have smooth live rubber replaceable tires and chip resistant baked on powder coated paint.

Another option is the Atom Professional – lightweight but high spec, with advanced safety features. These edgers enjoy a solid reputation.

Bestseller No. 1
McLane 101-5.5GT-7Gas Powered Lawn Edger, 5.50 Gross Torque/3.5 HP B&S Engine 7″ Wheels
  • EDGER AND TRIMMER – Make your yard or outdoor space look incredible with this lawn edger machine. McLane bladed edgers and trimmers use single lever blade clutch and depth control for the exact cut you want.
  • PRECISE – This motorized trimmer is designed to ride on most curbs while still delivering a clean cut every time. The cutter head is precision machined uses sealed precision ball bearings on a 2” x 9” spring steel blade.
  • ANY ANGLE – McLane edgers and trimmers cut vertically or horizontally, and do it smoothly thanks to wide rubber tires with ball bearing wheels. The blade can be quickly and easily tilted to almost any angle, and will trim flat at any height.
  • MEET SAFETY STANDARDS – All McLane edger and trimmers meet all established safety standards.
  • MADE IN THE USA – This cordless gas powered lawn edger is proudly made in the USA.
Bestseller No. 2
Craftsman 25A-55BY793 E450 4-Cycle Gas Edger with 140cc Briggs & Stratton Engine, Liberty Red
  • POWERFUL ENGINE: 140cc, 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton engine. NO MIXING: 4-cycle advantage – no mixing of gas and oil
  • 7″ FRONT/8″ REAR WHEELS: Transport wheels for added control. CURB HOP WHEEL: Unique curb hop wheel for closer cuts
  • ADJUSTABLE BEVEL: 15-degree left/right beveling capability
  • ADJUSTABLE DEPTH: (6) Edging depth positions with a max depth of 2.25″
  • GREATER CONTROL: Hand mounted throttle for easy operation
Bestseller No. 3
Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger with 79cc 4-Cycle Engine
  • POWER AND FLEXIBILITY: The 79cc Viper Engine spins a 9” spring steel blade at 3400 RPMs providing the power and speed you need to accomplish lawn, sidewalk and driveway edging tasks. The edger can also be used for smaller trenching jobs such as electric fence installation or creating an underground cable run to a garage or shed.
  • MUTI-ANGLE CUTTING: Our multi-position pivoting head offers 5 different cutting angles from 70-110 degrees allowing the user to select the angle that is best suited to handle any type of grass they need to edge. Head adjustment is made by simply sliding the single-hand operated lever into the appropriate notch on the adjustment plate.
  • PRECISION LINES: Clean professional lines can be easily achieved regardless of grass type when you combine the balance of a 4-wheeled design with multi-angled cutting. Use the 90-degree angle option to slice through standard blade grass or select between angles of 70, 80, 100, and 110 degrees to create a clean edge when dealing with creeping or tuberous grasses.
  • FLEXIBLE DEPTH CONTROL: Take complete control over your depth of cut with our flexible control mechanism. From the operating position, engage the adjustment lever with one-hand to select from over 5 different depth settings from 0.5 inches up to 3.5 inches.
  • DEBRIS GUARD AND TOOL HOLDER: A durable chain skirting protects the operator from flying debris while the attached tool holder provides a convenient place to store smaller hand tools making them easily available for lawn and sidewalk detailing.
SaleBestseller No. 4
SOUTHLAND SWLE0799 79cc Walk Behind Gas Lawn Edger
  • Metal frame and blade guard for increased durability
  • Product dimensions – 30.31” L x 19.29” W x 18.5” H | Weight – 60 lbs. | RPM – 3600 RPM | Engine – 4 Stroke OHV / 79cc | Blade Size – 9-Inch, 3 point | Cut depths – 0-2.5 inches | Start type – Easy Pull recoil system
  • Adjustable to 5 depth positions up to 2 ½-inch deep
  • Fuel the stabilizer if the edger is kept unused for 30 dayS
  • Blade angle adjusts +/- 15 degrees for bevel edging capabilities
Bestseller No. 5
CRAFTSMAN CMXEDAMDSE25 41ADSE25793 SE2200 25cc 2-Cycle 7.5 in. Handheld Gas Powered Lawn Edger, Liberty Red
  • Powerful and lightweight: 25cc, lightweight 2-cycle engine for ease of use
  • Easy pull starts: easy start technology for simpler pull starts
  • Easy edging: 7.5-in steel blade for easy edging
  • Comfort: ergonomic overmold handle designed for max comfort
  • Attachment capable: compatible with the TrimmerPlus multi yard tool system, to convert the edger into other lawn care products (attachments sold separately). Fuel Mix Ratio: 50:1 for optimal performance
Bestseller No. 6
CRAFTSMAN 20V MAX Edger Lawn Tool, Cordless Lawn Edger with Battery & Charger (CMCED400D1)
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Up to 7 minutes of runtime**
  • CORDLESS CONVENIENCE: 2.0Ah battery designed to deliver dependable performance (battery sold separately)
  • SEAMLESS MOBILITY: Lightweight 8 lbs. design allows you to easily wheel the tool around the yard
  • CUT WITH CONFIDENCE: Integrated edge guide allows for a smooth cut along sidewalks and driveways
  • VERSATRACK COMPATIBILITY: Use the integrated hook to hang this tool directly on the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System (sold separately)

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Best selling corded electric lawn edgers

For typical lawn sizes and home use, an electric edger can be a good option. The best on offer are probably the units from Black and Decker, Worx and Greenworks.

SaleBestseller No. 1
WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher
  • [POWER LIKE THE PROS] The 12 Amp motor spins the 7.5” blade fast and deep at 4700 revolutions per minute, giving you professional-looking lines and edges
  • [3 DEPTH ADJUSTMENTS] Cut down at 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” depending on the task at hand
  • [CUTTING LINE INDICATOR] Stay on the straight and narrow with the cutting line guide—you’ll notice a difference when you’re done
  • [ADJUSTABLE SHAFT] Users of any height can find a length and comfortable position that works for them with the adjustable shaft and D-grip handle
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last
Bestseller No. 2
Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Corded Edger 27032
  • 12 Amp motor delivers powerful edging capabilities
  • 7.5″ double edged blade provides robust edging capabilities and longer wear
  • Spring assist front wheel provides variable blade depth
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle for added user comfort and control
  • Integrated cord lock feature prevents accidental disconnect
SaleBestseller No. 3
BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 String Trimmer / Edger and Trencher, 12 -Amp (LE760FF)
  • HEAVY DUTY EDGER AND TRENCHER – High- torque, 12 Amp electric edger and trencher for powering through overgrowth and digging clean-looking trenches
  • TWO-IN-ONE TOOL – Easily converts from edger to trencher in seconds
  • MAXIMUM CONTROL – Three-position blade depth adjustments and pull-up edge guide let you better control your cut
  • EASY OPERATION – Right or left-handed assist for added flexibility, no-tool set up, and door on guard for easy cleaning
  • BUILT FOR VERSATILITY – 7-1⁄2 in. blade with 3/16 in. thickness for a range of tasks
Bestseller No. 4
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools ED70012S 11-Amp 3-Position Corded Electric Lawn Edger, Green
  • Powerful electric lawn edger with 11-Amp motor
  • Garden edger tool blade measures approximately 7.5″ long; 3-Position Blade depth settings to choose from: 1 inch, 1. 25 inches, and 1. 5 inch
  • Scotts edger that can convert into a trencher by adjusting the set height; Cut line indicator for precise edging and trenching
  • Planet-friendly Scotts power edger that entirely powered by electricity yet delivers similar power and performance to a gas-powered edger
  • Scotts lawn edger with built-in cord retention hook for keeping cords secure and tangle-free; Quick and easy tool-less assembly; 3-year tool warranty
SaleBestseller No. 5
Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger
  • Corded 14-inch electric trimmer/edger with a powerful 5 amp motor
  • Extra-wide 14-inch dual-line cutting head gets the job done faster; auto-feed trim line
  • One-step walk-behind edging–switch from a trimmer to an edger in seconds
  • Telescoping shaft and adjustable assist handle provide extended reach
  • Measures approximately 11 by 14 by 48 inches; 2-year warranty

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Best selling cordless electric lawn edgers

My choice for a typical home garden is a cordless edger. Prices vary, but typically the more you pay, the more power you get.

Bestseller No. 1
Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (Battery & Charger Included)
  • [TRIMMER & EDGER 2-in-1] Easily converts from a string trimmer to a wheel edger in just seconds
  • [INSTANT LINE FEED] Innovative push button Command Feed spool system for instant line feeding. Plus, Free Spools for Life
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [BATTERIES INCLUDED] 2 powerful and lightweight 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries come with this tool and can be used on any other tool in the WORX PowerShare family
  • [HEAD TILTS 90°] So you can trim and edge on sloped terrain, and get to tough-to-reach places
SaleBestseller No. 2
Greenworks 24V 12″ Cordless String Trimmer / Edger, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • 24V STRING TRIMMER – Provides 20% more power and 35% more run-time to power through the toughest grass and weeds. Greenworks 24V battery powers 100+ indoor and outdoor products.Includes : (1) 24V 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger, (1) 24V 2.0 Ah Battery, (1) Battery Charger, (1) 0.065″ Spool Assembly, (1) Owner’s Manual
  • 12” CUTTING PATH – .065” line, auto feed head for quick and easy line advancement
  • TRIMMER / EDGER (2-IN-1) – 90-degree rotating head with edging wheel. 3 position pivoting head for trimming at multiple angles, telescope shaft adjusts to user’s height and posture
  • VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER – Allows you to control cutting speed on the go, so you can easily maneuver around plants and shrubs
  • LIGHTWEIGHT / EASY TO USE – Ultra lightweight design, along with superior ergonomics allow for reduced user fatigue. Included 2.0Ah battery recharges in 60 minutes
Bestseller No. 3
Cordless Weed Eater Grass Trimmer Battery Powered 21V 2000mAh, Electric Weed Wacker Brush Cutter,Height Adjustable Edger Trimmer Mini-Mower 3-in-1 Cutting Tool,8 Blades,1 Wheels,2 Batteries,1 Charger
  • 【POWERFUL & EFFICIENT WEED EATER】- Cordless weed wacker battery powered includes 2 rechargeable, 2000mAh high-capacity 21V lithium batteries. 650W high-power motor, the speed can reach 8300 rpm, this electric weed eater battery powered equipped with a wheel save weeding job as easy as walking, improve work efficiency and save time. (*Tips*: For any damaged/broken/unworks accessory or product, pls contact our c*ustomer service at first time, we will arrange new replacement immediately.)
  • 【3-IN-1 WEED EATERS 3 TYPES OF BLADES】- Plastic blades are suitable for soft lawns mowing(≈heavy duty string trimmer); Stainless steel blades are well for older weeds, reeds, etc pruning(≈electric pruning shears); Alloy saw blades are great for branches, etc cutting(≈mini saw). Different blades meet different weeding needs. (Warm Tips: To avoid damage to the blade, please choose the correct blade when weeding.)
  • 【PROTABLE, MULTI SECURITY DESIGN】- The length of the cordless weed eater edger can be adjusted about 35.43-50.39 inch. Double switches require the user to press the safety lock and trigger together to start this weed wacker cordless, which effectively avoids misoperation and potential risks for you or child. Rotating baffle can prevent splashing when the battery weed eater weeding. The angle of the machine head rotation 0-60° freely adjustable to ensure it can work for most complex environments.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT WEED EATER EASY TO US】- Lightweight, portable, stringless weed eater weight is only 4.19 pounds but sturdy, with a telescoping pole, easy for you to carry out for grass weed trimming outside any time. Easy to install and change blades just with the rotating wrench, lithium batteries can be easily replaceable, rubber handle added comfort, and friendly to women and older. Easy to use, stable, quick, and efficient, it’s your worry-free efficient weeding grass trimmer electric.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL CORDLESS GRASS TRIMMER】- Package includes 1 Mower, 2 stainless steel blades, 1 manganese steel saw blade, 5 plastic blades, 2 lithium batteries, 1 wheels, 1goggles, 1 small rotating wrenches, 1 charger, and 1 manual. Please ensure the weed eater bush trimmer cordless is properly maintained up in time after each mowing for later use.
Bestseller No. 4
Cordless String Trimmer, Cordless Edger Weed Whacker Grass Eater Lawn Cutter Lawn Mower, 2 Lithium-ion Battery Powered 24V 4000mah
  • 【Lightweight & Easy to use】Our cutter weights only 2.2lb, much smaller and lighter than common trimmer. Woman also can use it to clean the whole lawn.
  • 【Capable & Powerful Cordless Trimmer】Our electric edger which in ergonomic design has dual switch for safety, telescoping shaft for height adjustment, adjustable rotating head for different angles, with on-the-fly handle adjustment.
  • 【Enough Battery Time】The whacker contains double 12V lithium-ion batteries for long working time, Battery replacement is portable and can be used alternately. At the same time, the battery is suitable for other electric tools.
  • 【Multiple Occasion】We provide three kinds of blades, plastic blade for lawn, stainless steel blade for weed, and hard alloy saw blade for bush.
  • 【Package Including】We provide three blades for various occasions, lawn, weed, bush, etc. And the eater comes with a banner to change different blades, and of course a charger together.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Greenworks 40V 13″ Cordless String Trimmer / Edger, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • 40V STRING TRIMMER – powers through the toughest grass and weeds
  • 13” CUTTING PATH – .065” line, auto feed head for quick and easy line advancement
  • TRIMMER / EDGER (2-IN-1) – 90-degree rotating head with edging wheel. 3 position pivoting head for trimming at multiple angles
  • VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER – allows you to control cutting speed on the go, so you can easily maneuver around plants and shrubs
  • LIGHTWEIGHT / EASY TO USE – ultra lightweight design, along with superior ergonomics allow for reduced user fatigue. Included 2.0Ah battery recharges in 60 minutes

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