Reader's contribution - Beautiful flowers

My beautiful flowers

Orange dahlia

I’m delighted to introduce the first reader’s contribution to be featured on the site.

This post was submitted by Connie Clark. Connie has been kind enough to provide us with some beautiful pictures of the dahlias and lilies she is growing in her garden. But, perhaps more importantly, Connie has shared with us just how significant these blooms are for her.

Many thanks for sharing Connie – Martin

Connie writes:

I have never been good with flowers, but this year mine have been beautiful.

My Mom always had beautiful flowers and she passed away two years ago. I feel like she is with me and helping me in my flower garden. She is the little purple butterfly that lands on me when I am outside.

Lilies and dahlias

Purple dahlia

Beautiful yellow dahlia

Red and white tipped dahlia

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Jane says January 29, 2015

They are really mesmerizing. Did you know you can use them to express your feelings and thoughts? Each flower has a meaning and stands for something. You can read more about it here:

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