How to Grow Narcissus: Daffodil Plant Notes

narcissus: field of daffodils

Narcissus spp.
Common name : Daffodil
Family : Amaryllidaceae

A bulbous soft wooded perennial with around 50 species and countless cultivars, the Narcissus is the archetypal spring flower in cool climate gardens.

With a sheath of mid-green strap shaped or cylindrical leaves, these plants are most notable for their distinctive flowers. These have 6 flattened petals surrounding a central corona (or cup or trumpet).

Flower colours range from white through creams to yellow and the corona is often of a contrasting colour. Flowering time varies according to the species and cultivar, but can be from autumn until early summer.

Most species tolerate a range of soils but prefer those that are moderately fertile and well drained soils. They thrive in full sun or partial shade and are hardy down to -15 degrees C.

Narcissus can be grown in borders or containers and are often naturalised in grass or lawns.

They are striking planted in clumps and in massed plantings in prominent positions. Their bold colours contrast well with darker foliage plants.

White narcissus


Bulbs should be planted in autumn at about one and a half times their own depth.

Late flowering cultivars should be watered in dry spring weather, otherwise flowers may abort. Use a general purpose fertiliser to establish plants but try a low nitrogen, high potassium fertiliser to encourage flowers if not performing well.

Dead-head after flowering and allow leaves to die back naturally, this encourages the storage of energy in the bulb. Lift and divide clumps when they become congested and flowering becomes sparse.

Pests etc.

May suffer from narcissus eelworm, narcissus basal rot and other fungal infections.


Propagate by seed (cutivars do not come true) or by separating and replanting bulb offsets as leaves die off in early summer.


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