My gardens

Here I present the story of some of the gardens I have created over the years.

Common to most of these garden transformations is that there was very little hard landscaping involved. These gardens are therefore a great advertisement for the power of plants.

Urban garden transformation: small space, big plants … and lots of them

This urban garden transformation was the first gardening I ever did. The garden was in Tooting in South London and was about 9 metres long by 5 metres wide. Although it contained a fair bit of rubble that I had to dig out, the soil was a surprisingly good loam, except in one corner where […]

Suburban garden makeover: from lawn to lush

In this 5 part series, I’ll show you the process of transforming a good sized suburban garden from boring lawnscape to this riot of colour and texture: I’ve called it a garden makeover because it wasn’t a complete rebuild. There was very little hard landscaping involved and what little there was didn’t involve specialist skills, […]

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