Gardening for Beginners

Here you'll find a series of articles aimed at helping new gardeners quickly pick up the basic knowledge they need to start gardening with confidence.

How do plants grow? Becoming a Gardener – Step 1

For most people gardening is about plants. Admittedly, features like paths, walls, fences and decks play part in creating the overall garden picture. But without plants, it is very hard to consider any space to be a garden Indeed, for most of us, it is plants that draw us to gardening in the first place […]

The 10 steps to get you gardening for life

I’m guessing that if you are here you may be new to gardening. If you are, then you are in exactly the right place, because this is the first in a series on gardening for beginners – Becoming a Gardener. Maybe you have recently acquired a property with a garden for the first time. Or […]

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